May 18, 2010

One Vague Thought About the Emergence and Spreading of Social Knowledge

Well, I was listening to Enya's track called Boudica and from there I wondered to the Wikipedia page, where it said that the Boudica was a queen that led an uprising against the Romans.

It kind of occurred to me that in the medieval ages the queens and kings were practically local warlords, analogues to modern day corporate players, because if they were not waging wars against other kings/queens, they were suppressing the rest of the population, literally robbing them by using violence (so called taxes---to the local mafia boss).

On the other hand, some of them, after having enough tough times with equal matches,i.e. other warlords, seem to start doing "humane" things. Now, one of the questions that came to my mind is that given the state of medicine in middle ages, many of the people might just die before gaining the smartness, knowledge, how to live happily and in prosperity (in terms of health and wealth).

For example, if we look at average modern time humans, then given "enough" power,  they act like mini-dictators or just think that they can get away with abusing or bullying everyone else without suffering the consequences. I do not believe in God, but if he existed as an entity, then even he suffers the consequences, because he does have to cope with the result of his deeds. Screw things up and You have to use the screwed up things for attaining Your own goals..So, back to topic, some of the minidictator-humans are eager to actually implement their dictatorship ambitions by attending in corporate power-struggles and climbing the ladder, but the ones that do not, are no better.

Also, when one looks at what happens in the United States army(Iraq, Afghanistan), then the youngest ones make the most ruthless killers and torturers, probably, because they just don't yet fully understand, how their deeds look in the background of the rest of their lives, family members, etc., and then, when they arrive home from Iraq or Afghanistan, and have the moment of comparison, many of them are deeply depressed, etc.. But in Iraq, they don't mind that much. They just do what's told and feel good about doing a "good job".

It seems to be in line with a claim that it takes smartness to be "good". After all, one does have to know, what pleases and disturbs others in order to be good to them. Being delicate does take a mental effort.

Given a fact that it also takes time to get to know, and observe, social processes (think politics, masses of a given culture in a given time, etc.), then the knowledge about social processes diminishes quite easily. But isn't that the case with all knowledge? How many of You is able to understand Albert Einstein's theory of relativity?

May 15, 2010

A set of Weird Dreams Between 14.05.2010 and 15.05.2010

I'm not sure, in which order they were, but I remember 4 distinct sets. May be 5. Well, it is a description of dreams, so, it's obviously a mess.

One of those dream-sections was that I was on an island, something like the islands are in Estonia, Internetized, but naturally clean. It was winter and I was there with a mixture of people, whom I know from various places and who, in the real life, probably never even have met. It consisted of, kind of, multiple day scenarios and one of the scenarios was that it was pitch-black night, inside a forest (on the island) was a diesel generator powered AM-radio station, an old type of thing, with a huge mast, and everything, except that it was so old that one could only send Morse codes and some kind of Morse messages, which none of us could read, came in lousily to some ancient and noisy, mechanical, machine. The backdrop was that we were all STUCK on that island, INFECTED by a VIRUS that was a computer virus and a biological virus AT THE SAME TIME, 2 IN ONE. It's weird, that in a nice, well lit by the old fashioned light bulbs, and warm, office of the ratio-station we also had an ordinary phone and an internet connection.

We wanted to warn outside world of the biologically infectious virus and wanted to call for help, but the Internet connection and the phone system was taken over by the virus, which spoke with a voice of a small girl like the Red Queen computer of the Resident Evil movie and, as I said earlier, unlike the Resident Evil, where the computer limited the deadly virus from exiting an underground lab complex, in my dream, the computer virus and the biological virus were all the same, the same entity, fighting for its own spread and existence. As none of us knew, how to read the Morse code, we wanted to find it out from the Internet. After all, it was also vital for us for sending the message out through the old-fashioned radio station, which could not be taken over by the virus due to its simplicity, primitiveness, archaicness. So, we darn hoped, that the virus has not blocked the web sites that contained the info, how to use Morse code, and, with luck, we even got some of the info, but then, the virus figured it out, how vital that information is for us and blocked it.

One thing, that's funny about that section of the dream, is that even though it was cold, wet, pitch-dark night in a small opening of a forest, with the radio stations windows glowing from the light of the old-fashioned light-bulbs, it was not cold outside, at least none of us felt the cold, when we moved from the radio station to a near-by dormitory and, picked some berries up from under the snow along the way.

The other part of this dream is, that the virus has infected some people of a town so that they were obeying the virus. The rest of the population did not obey the virus, even though they were infected. So, in order to facilitate its own spreading, the virus used the ones, who obeyed, as a police force, military force, for keeping the rest of the population isolated from the rest of the world, just like at the soviet times the soviet elite kept the rest of the population behind the "iron curtain".

Oh well, one other scenario of my dreams involved my grandfather's garden, which is a mess in real life and which I, in real life, want to try to use for growing some herbs. In the dream it was even more full of wild plants than it is in the real life, but then there was one nice old lady, in my dreams, who explained, which of the plants in there are poisonous and which are herbs. In the dream, (just imagine, how spoiled I am) I started to think about, how to make a mobile phone software recognize the plant in the garden, so that I could practically note down the things that the old lady told me. In the dream I was thinking, that the main problem would be, how to make the phone recognize the plant of interest at the background of all other plants, and the solution that I came up with, (in the dream!!!) was that one might snatch the plant of interest, hold it in the background of the SKY, which is available everywhere and is very often almost uniform, or at least is without plants, and hold the plant of interest in the background of the sky, above ones head, for the mobile phone to recognize it. The only problem is that one can not identify poisonous plants and plants that are under protection, that way, because the "testing" means touching the plant and picking it from the ground also destroys the plant of interest.

Well, I guess that's it for this blog entry. :-D