August 9, 2010

A Collection of Thoughts About Market Assessment

This article will probably never be complete and I'll modify it from time to time. I intentionally avoid the word "improve", because it's up to the reader to evaluate whether I improve or worsen the text. The last edit is from 08.2010. This article is just a collection of assertions and it's up to the reader to use his or her own understanding of this world to assess, whether the assertions hold or are contradictory. As assertions get added, edited, removed, their numbering is not meant to consist of intact sequences of whole numbers.

Assertion #1:
In case of products, where profitability is positively correlated with investment size, parties that are able to make a "relatively small" investment, are beaten in competition by parties that are able to make "relatively big" investment, unless the market is so small that the maximum profitable investment size is within the reach of the parties that are not able to make the "relatively big" investments.