September 22, 2011

An Explanation of Cowardliness

A cow does not care, on which grassland it chews grass or who milks it.

Yes, this whole blog post consists of a title, emoticon, 2 sentences and as of September 2011 I believe that I am open to new ideas and to changing my previous ideas, but I really do think that the previous sentence is pretty awesome and deserves this blog post.

Update from April 2013:

....or by whom or where or when the cows will be sent to a slaughterhouse. 
(The Nazy concentration camps were understaffed and could not have been able to operate, if the prisoners had revolted. According to some estimates the concentration camps were so understaffed that even the mere refusal to work by the Jews that disposed the bodies could have stopped the mass murder.)

In the light of this blog post, the classical Eurythmics song, "Sweet Dreams", obtains quite a new, thorough, meaning. If You think that You have seen that video so many times that there is nothing new for You to see there, then I claim that now that You have read this blog post, You might want to take another look at it. :-D

They're smart, the Eurythmics people. Ingenious. In front of everyone's eyes and hardly anyone gets it. For decades !!! :-D