January 5, 2013

A few Thoughts on life's work

The Problem

People work hard to build something beautiful, delicate, helpful, even life-saving, without acting as a parasite towards anybody and then other people just destroy it for whatever reason, convenience, arrogance, ignorance.


Non-military buildings get destroyed during wars, schematics, research results, software, generally said as "intellectual property" is left to bitrot or totally destroyed due to corporate social processes.

A more technical, software related, example

As of January 2013 Android phones do not use the standard Java byte-code and use their own Java interpreter, Dalvik, because the former Sun Microsystems kept its Java mobile phone edition proprietary and later, when Nokia dumped its Symbian mobile operating system to the history trash can, there were no modern phones left on the market that use the standard Java byte-code based interpreter. The Android worked fine with its non-standard  interpreter, i.e. there was no financial incentive to switch back to the standard Java byte-code that runs on any device and the initial  Java concept, write once run anywhere, is out of practical use. The Java Micro Edition is in the history trash can. Neither Google (the Android developer) nor the former Sun Microsystems financially benefited from the outcome. Google spent considerable amount of money on developing the Dalvik and both companies spent considerable money on lawyers.

A Solution Candidate

Place/build one's creation, life's work, to an environment, where there are no such other people, circumstances, that destroy it. It would be pretty foolish to place a china sales stand to the path of running bisons.


Updates. A few additional related references: